15 Nov 2022

IO Esports brings Genshin Impact X HoYo Quiz Quiz Show featuring 12 languages with 100 players!

IO Esports News
Where is Yae Miko's Vision located? Here’s just one question from the Genshin Impact X HoYo Quiz Quiz Show where 100 players from 12 languages from different regions tested out their knowledge of Genshin Impact. 

In collaboration with HoYoverse, the Genshin Impact X HoYo Quiz Quiz Show was broadcasted throughout 30 broadcast channels on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and iQiYi with prominent casters and streamers from all over the world. 

With a total of 50 questions from Genshin Impact’s lore, the players are given 60 seconds to answer the questions, until the last man stands! Who would’ve thought that one day the knowledge of Genshin Impact can bring a 3000 USD cash prize with 12 months of Blessing of the Welkin Moon and 5000 Primogems to bring in the rolls for more five-star characters!

With IO Esports hosting the Genshin Impact SEA Quiz Show and the Genshin Impact X HoYo Quiz Quiz Show, do stay tuned as we have more Genshin Impact events coming up for 2022! As a sneak peek, how good are you when it comes to Genshin Impact? Do keep a lookout for it on IO Esports social media for upcoming events! Hint: Genshin Impact SEA Carnival.

See you around Travelers!