21 Mar 2020

IO Esports PUBG MOBILE Community Cup Is Now Live!; In Collaboration with eGG Network

IO Esports News

As the PUBG MOBILE Professional League (PMPL) MY / SG 2020 was postponed due to the announcement by the Malaysian Government of the Movement Control Order to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading, the 24 teams involved in PMPL were not able to continue on their journey to be the new king of PUBG MOBILE in the MY / SG region.

In collaboration with eGG Network, IO Esports is organizing a PUBG MOBILE Community Cup to keep the gamers busy as well as providing a safe platform for PUBG MOBILE players to battle it out. The community cup itself will be open for 160 teams from Malaysia and Singapore in the qualifying round with the addition of the 24 teams from PMPL as the invited teams.

As for its format, the community cup will starts where 160 teams will be split into 8 groups of 20 for its qualifying round. The champions from each groups from the qualifying round will be moved into the next stage, where they will join the 24 PMPL teams and shall be split into two groups respectively. 

With that, the Grand Finals will take place with the top 8 teams from both groups combined, making it a 16 teams battle to fight to the winner of IO Esports PUBG MOBILE Community Cup. 

At the same time, this provides a great opportunity for the players who want to give a try on fighting against the best PUBG MOBILE teams. With eGG Network, we would do our best to provide the greatest experience for PUBG MOBILE fans, even from their own homes.

For its prize pool, it will be featuring a total prize pool of RM10,000. That said, there are prizes for the top eight teams in the community cup. Here's the breakdown of the prize pool if you are wondering: 

1st place: RM4,000
2nd place: RM2,000
3rd place: RM1,200
4th place: RM800
5th place - 8th place: RM500 each

As a premier esports event organizer, not only we strive to deliver the best in the esports ecosystem, but at the same time, caring for players is one of our duties as well. Hopefully, this community cup may keep the players busy where we Malaysians do our part in #flattenthecurve and together we can curb the COVID-19 virus from spreading further.

Registration is currently open and can be found here.

Stay at home, stay safe, we care. #IOEsportsCares