22 Feb 2020

Top 4 Singaporean Teams of Qualifier Finals To Go To PMPL MY/SG 2020 League

IO Esports News
As the PMPL MY / SG 2020 is coming close, the qualifier to decide the top four teams from Singapore that will be joining the league is quite unenviable. With the 16 teams from the Open Qualifiers that took place last week, the Qualifier Finals eventually came to an end with Impunity Kage, Steel Hearts Esports, DivinityEsports and EA Esports emerged as the Top 4 placement. 
The first game itself took place with DivinityEsports taking the first “Chicken Dinner” with a total of four kills. However, Steel Hearts Esports did score an impressive 11 kills but nonetheless did not manage to score the final blow and were eliminated by Divinity. 
As the games continued on, Impunity Kage continued to pawn the qualifier itself, scoring a total of 2 “Chicken Dinners” in the overall of eight games as well as a cumulative of 64 kills and emerged as the top scorer. Additionally, Steel Hearts Esports scored a total of 46 kills with a score of 187 and were placed second. 
On the other hand, DivinityEsports managed to take 51 kills and scored 178 points, while EA Esports took 48 kills and scored 167 points where the teams are placed third and fourth respectively. 
With that, Impunity Kage, Steel Hearts Esports and DivinityEsports will be joining the league happening in two weeks time. On a side note, EA Esport is not able to commit towards the league itself and the remaining slot will be awarded to Team H20, who scored fifth in the Qualifier Finals.
However, this is not the end of the Qualifier Finals as we will have the Qualifiers Finals for the Malaysian region happening tomorrow at 12.30 pm on PUBG MOBILE MY Facebook page.