09 Jul 2023

IO Esports and Riot Games Unleash Thrilling VCT Ascension Pacific: A Global Esports Spectacle

IO Esports News
In collaboration with Riot Games, we are thrilled to have presented VCT Ascension Pacific, a momentous esports spectacle that unfolded in Thailand from June 28 to July 9, 2023. With a substantial USD 100,000 prize pool, the tournament brought together 10 elite teams, captivating audiences worldwide with electrifying Valorant gameplay.

Our dedication to a global audience was evident as IO Esports, in partnership with Riot Games, offered nine diverse broadcasts in languages including English, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino, and Indonesian. This multi-language approach not only broadened the tournament's reach but also exemplified our joint commitment to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the esports community.

The event achieved a peak viewership of 186,105, underscoring its widespread popularity. Moreover, we take great pride in Bleed Esports' exceptional performance, securing qualifications for both the 2024 and 2025 Pacific League events. This success not only solidifies Bleed Esports' standing but also reflects our collective commitment, in partnership with Riot Games, to nurturing and promoting talent in the Pacific esports landscape.

VCT Ascension Pacific stands as a testament to our vision at IO Esports, in collaboration with Riot Games, of creating globally resonant esports experiences. We eagerly anticipate continuing our contributions, hand in hand with Riot Games, to the dynamic and diverse world of competitive gaming.